A little over four years ago we decided to build a house on the farm property we owned. Architecture was something I was always interested in. I can still remember taking it in elementary school and loved it then, I think at one point I was tempted to become an architect. So when we decided to build, I of course was very involved in the design. The main floor of our house was 100% designed by me with our architect creating the actual plans. It was a challenge to get all the things I wanted on that floor, in the places I wanted, and make it all work together.

So when I told people we were moving they were a little shocked since I had put so much into the design of our house. The thing is though, I like a challenge. Don’t get me wrong. I love my house. There’s a few things I would change but overall it’s the house I dreamed of having. The challenge of creating it and seeing it come to pass is complete now though so I’m excited to move on to a new challenge.

Our new house in Nova Scotia is quite a bit smaller so challenge #1: where is all our stuff is going to go. I also love interior design so challenge #2: moving to a new place means I get to play around with styling my home! Yay! I have been thinking about it for weeks and I can’t wait to get there and move in my furniture and decor items and see how it all works or doesn’t.

The challenge is what keeps me motivated even with my graphic design business. Give me some plain text and ask me to make it look more appealing and I’m in heaven! Have some research information and you want it layed out as an infographic? Bring it on! The challenge of creating is what drives me. The more challenging the better!