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A little over four years ago we decided to build a house on the farm property we owned. Architecture was something I was always interested in. I can still remember taking it in elementary school and loved it then, I think at one point I was tempted to become an architect. So when we decided to build, I of course was very involved in the design. The main floor of our house was 100% designed Read More
When we decided we were moving to Nova Scotia the first thing I thought was “how do we get all of our stuff from here to there?!?!”. It’s not like we can just throw stuff in the back of a pickup truck and make a few trips. For us, it will be a 17 hour drive so that means a big ass moving truck. Which also means quantity and weight restrictions. Bummer. We have to Read More
There’s one great thing about being a freelance graphic designer… I can work anywhere in the world. I can be on vacation in some warm country with my feet in the sand and all I need to work is an internet connection and my laptop. It also allows me to be a little flexible in where I live. Why am I telling you this? Well, because in just over a month my family and I Read More
Yes, we are moving again! A little over a year and a half ago I decided to move out of my home office and into a small office space in the quaint little town of Port Dover. I loved it there! A peaceful workspace with no dogs or kids to interrupt my work day. Plus the view out my office window of the pier was pretty great. But good things sometimes come to an end Read More
Crowdsourcing by definition is: the practice of obtaining information or input into a task or project by enlisting the services of a large number of people, either paid or unpaid, typically via the Internet. Many people are turning to crowdsourcing for their design projects in the hopes of obtaining a logo, flyer, poster, album cover, etc. for a discounted rate. But at what cost? A few of my clients have tried crowdsourcing for their projects and Read More